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NVU seems dead!? Are you wanting to progress to the next level of NVU? So, maybe is time to start use Kompozer . Kompozer is a unofficial bug-fix nvu fork released by kaze (a HandCoder, KaZcadeS, NsmConText for Nvu author).

It's tri-licenced (GPL/LGPL/MPL) and their goal is simple: "Correct as many bugs as possible until "Mozilla Composer2" comes true (Daniel Glazman is already working on it, but it will take some time). 'll integrate all bugfixes that I've developed for my extensions, plus some other patches that can't be done with extensions. As a side-effect, there will be some (few) new features, but this isn't the goal: new features should rather be added with extensions. "

KompoZer - Nvu's unofficial bug-fix release
KompoZer - Nvu's unofficial bug-fix release

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SF Project Page:

Bug Reports:

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NVU Forum:

Kompozer Roadmap

  • 0.7.x: correct most bugs of the CSS editor (integration of KaZcadeS and urlCleaner);
  • 0.8.x: correct most Site Manager bugs and helper application support (integration of some parts of NsmConText);
  • 0.9.x: correct some code reformatting bugs (Nvu/KompoZer will always reformat your code, I just would like that this reformatting doesn't affect scripts nor <pre> blocks).


HTML Editor

  • fixed: the HTML 4.01 doctype is now standard (instead of quirks)
  • fixed: the editor correctly selects a tab when re-loading a file that's currently edited
  • fixed: the editor correctly updates the window title when closing a tab (avoids crashes)
  • added: it's always possible to revert the current page
  • fixed: the PHP/Comment dialog is resizable
  • fixed: the current page is marked as modified after changing a PHP/Comment
  • added: the format toolbar has been splitted in two
  • added: relativize local URLs in the markup cleaner
  • TODO: option to launch the markup cleaner before saving/publishing
  • added: show id/class attributes in the status bar
  • fixed: id/class attributes can be properly removed with the status bar context menu
  • fixed: inline style dialogs have a localized title
  • fixed: doctype prefs are kept when a new document is created

CSS Editor

  • fixed: the CSS Editor becomes a real dialog box (with a OK/Cancel buttons)
  • fixed: the CSS Editor fits on an SVGA screen (800*600), even on MacOS X
  • added: graphical toolbar buttons
  • added: 'modified' flags on stylesheets
  • added: edit style rules in text mode (CSS Editor / Advanced properties)
  • added: keyboard shortcut (F11) to open the CSS Editor
  • fixed: external stylesheets can be saved on the hard disk
  • fixed: better serialization of CSS files
  • fixed: real-time preview
  • fixed: *lots* of UI bugs

Site Manager

  • TODO: when a file is dropped onto the main panel, a relative reference is created
  • TODO: local files are allowed
  • TODO: more file types (with custom extension list)
  • TODO: external application support
  • TODO: preferences tab

Download version 0.77 (2006-07-23)

Source code
tarball (30.8 MB) based upon Nvu 1.0 source code (Mozilla aviary branch)
Linux i686 binary
kompozer-077-i686.tgz (10.2 MB) - compiled with gcc/g++ 3.3.6 on linux 2.6.15 (Debian)
successfully tested on various Linux distros (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora 5, Mandriva 2006?)
Win32 binary (7.7 MB) - compiled with VC++ 7.0 on Cygwin
kompozer-077-win32.exe (6.2 MB) - installer contributed by Thorsten Fritz (aka nightrat)
MacOS X ppc binary
kompozer-077b-mac.dmg (10.9 MB) - contributed by S?bastien Desvignes (aka bobo)
successfully tested on both PPC and Intel based Macs
OS/2 binary (8.7 MB) - contributed by Peter Weilbacher
cs-CZ, de-DE, da-DK, es-ES, fr-FR, hu-HU, it-IT, ja-JP, nl-NL, pl-PL, ru-RU, zh-TW
right-click, "save target as?" and install on Kz like any extension


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