How to build a chatbot with Dialog flow

Chatbot is a program that can conduct an intelligent conversation. It should be able to convincingly simulate a human behaviour and pass the turing test.

A chatbot is, in essence, a piece of robotic software used to imitate human conversation through text chats and voice commands (a good example being Siri or Amazon Alexa).

2 Types of chatbots:

  • Rule based chatbots (if you ask for phones the relevant phone pages open up in an e-commerce site that’s an example of a rule based chatbot)
  • A.I. based chat bots (learn over a period of time using Machine Learning techniques) — dialog flow is an example of that

Chatbots are extremely valuable for businesses and this value will only increase as time goes by.

On obvious area of chatbot implementation is customer service. Bots are invaluable here. Waiting on hold may soon be a thing of the past as they become advanced enough to deal with basic level customer service queries, and this is already being used by a lot of companies worldwide. Nordstrom, for example, implemented a chatbot to assist with customer service at the end of 2016, and this has made their technical support much more responsive and immediate. It’s no secret that this has resulted in significant cost reduction.

Text and Voice based chatbots are the future and if you are an entrepreneur or a techie, it’s the right time to spend some time learning about building these bots.

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